Emphaticaleigh is pleased to welcome artists of all experience levels to their team, but we are particularly interested in two types of artists: those that are new to selling their art, and those who have tried before and met with challenges while finding a market for their work.

For new artists, it can be an intimidating world out there. It is one thing to have your art welcomed by your family, mentors and close friends, and it is quite another to find new buyers who are open to compensating you for your work. It is paramount in this stage of your career to find a resource that serves the development of your business, and Emphaticaleigh is here to serve that purpose for you.

Experienced artists who have met with difficulties before face a different set of issues. While you definitely have a better understanding of how the market works for selling your pieces, you may be recalling the frustrations of your previous attempts, preventing you from addressing the responsibilities of selling your work. Emphaticaleigh is very much a resource for you as well, allowing you to bypass the hurdles from before in order to best market your art.

Emphaticaleigh can help you overcome the feeling of inertia that can arise from not knowing which direction to go when looking for buyers for your pieces. Our platform and artist community network offer a non-traditional solution that will allow you to expand the audience of your work worldwide. In addition to our web services, we also handpick works of art to showcase in galleries around the country in displays that we create ourselves. Feel free to contact us directly so we can review your work.

Our Current Artists:

Shannon Leigh

Stephen Powell


We are always looking for new and progressive fine artist. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to review your portfolio.