Jim Kallaher

Jim Kallaher grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his family introduced him to most aspects of art. His father was a film producer and his uncle was the Director of the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum. Both men were major sources of inspiration for Jim, driving him to view the world through an artistic lens and capture images—still and moving—from a young age. To this day, he often finds himself composing the perfect frame in his head before he even realizes it. This compositional mindset combined with his incessant desire to explore the world drive his photography.

Jim cites American landscape photographer Ansel Adams as a major influence to his artistic style. Adams’ crisp, clear picturesque portrayals of the vast American West first cultivated Jim’s appreciation for awe-inspiring black-and-white landscapes of unblemished nature. Jim is constantly inspired by Adams’ masterful balance of artful composition and technical precision, which he aims to replicate in his own photography.

Jim’s travels have taken him from Florida’s muggy swamps all the way to majestic European countrysides. His intrinsic curiosity about the world—about what he has yet to see and what others have yet to see—compels him to explore with his camera as a companion. His subject matters include a variety of urban landscapes, nature landscapes, and architecture. In addition, he is particularly interested in capturing natural symmetry and reflections.

Stylistically, Jim likes to uses wide angles to capture as much space as possible in a single image, emphasizing the grandeur and immensity of the scene. Similarly, he often shoots from the ground-up to depict a unique animalistic perspective and encourage viewers to see the world through a new point-of-view.